Commodities at ETFinance – What You Need to Know

Trade commodities via CFDs

Commodities are the essential physical items whose production and consumption drives the economy. Think metals, farm products and natural resources like gold and platinum, cotton, sugar, and soybeans, and natural gas and Crude oil. All of those are commodities and traded every day by commodity traders on special commodity markets, and here at ETFinance via CFDs.

Commodities You Can Invest in via CFDs

At ETFinance, you can invest in various soft and hard commodities. Soft commodities are generally grown, such as agricultural products like coffee and corn. Hard commodities are items that can be mined or extracted, like oil and precious metals. No matter how they are sourced, you can trade a solid selection of commodities with contracts for difference (CFDs) with us.

CFDs let you trade without needing to buy, own, and later sell underlying assets, which can give you more freedom and liquidity. Trading on CFDs is based on speculation, that is: of where you think asset prices will go. For example, if you chose to invest in sugar, you would determine if prices would increase or decrease, and then you would open a position accordingly. If your prediction is correct, you would profit.

Trading Commodities at ETFinance

We are committed to offering a stable, solid and enjoyable trading experience, so we have taken care of the details that matter most.

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